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BlackBerry smartphones are compatible and verified as operational with Android Enterprise and custom container platforms from the following EMM partners.

Put Android to work for you.

BlackBerry KEYone and BlackBerry Motion are among the first smartphones validated as part of the Android Enterprise Recommended program.

The all-new Google-led Android Enterprise Recommended program gives businesses, large and small, the confidence in selecting, deploying and managing Android devices that are best suited for their needs.

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Reliability you can count on.

BlackBerry smartphones have been built with over 20 years of experience supporting some of the most demanding enterprise users and companies across the globe.

• Durable design with protective aluminum frame, impact resistant display and soft textured back for better grip.
• Over 26 hours of battery life so you can go a whole day, and then some, without a charge.
• Clear, unobstructed 4.5” screen, no more losing 50% of screen to virtual keyboard.
• The legendary physical keyboard that offers the fast, accurate typing that professionals remember loving.
• Up to 256GB of expandable memory so you never run out of space.

• Durable design with protective aluminum frame, Premium Anti-Scratch Display and soft textured back for better grip.
• Over 32 hours of battery life so you can go a whole day, and then some, without a charge.
• Water and dust resistant with IP67 rating.
• Up to 256GB of expandable memory so you never run out of space.

Powerful productivity.

Packed with all the signature BlackBerry experiences that bring an unmatched level of efficiency to everything you do on your phone.

BlackBerry® Hub

An irreplaceable tool for consolidating all your messages in one place – whether it’s email, text, calendar, social media or phone calls. With Hub, S/MIME functions are performed using the FIPS-validated crypto module ensuring your messages are encrypted and being sent from an authentic source.

BlackBerry® Calendar

Experience the most productive calendar experience on Android. Using the Join Now feature, you can instantly dial into your meetings directly from your event reminder. And with Google Now™ voice commands, booking meetings has never been easier.

Convenience Key

Customize your Convenience Key to bring up apps and functions you use most often. And now you can further customize based on where you are. For example, at work you can program the key to compose a new email. With BlackBerry smartphones, you can further customize each key on the keyboard for instant access to important actions.

BlackBerry® Notable

Quickly mark-up documents you are reviewing and write To-Do lists and notes that can be quickly accessed and shared at any time.

Industry-leading security.

When it comes to protecting business-critical data, BlackBerry smartphones will keep your organization safe and secure. BlackBerry smartphones are designed with security as a key feature – from hardware to firmware and firmware to OS, security is built into every aspect. BlackBerry security is trusted by thousands of companies and governments around the world to securely enable business on mobile.

Built in from the start.

To be truly effective, security cannot be an afterthought. With BlackBerry, security starts with the device hardware and continues through every layer: incorporating vulnerability mitigations to improve Android’s base security, locking down Android capabilities that could give an attacker the opportunity to compromise your device, encryption and authentication that use the Root of Trust to create encryption and signing keys to protect your apps and data.

Secure hardware provides the solid foundation for all other security layers.

Hardware Root of Trust BlackBerry smartphones are manufactured through a Secure Process and loaded with a Signed OS from the BlackBerry servers in Canada.
Secure Boot Process When you boot up a BlackBerry smartphone, the secure boot process validates each component of hardware and software to ensure only a BlackBerry signed OS is loaded.
BlackBerry Secure Compound A trusted execution environment that guarantees the sensitive data and security-focused apps running inside it is protected.

Improvements to the Android OS keeping apps, data, and networks safe from attacks.

OS and Linux Kernel Hardening Hardening the device with kernel patches and configuration changes to decrease security vulnerabilities.
FIPS 140-2 validated Disk Encryption Protecting the private information and data on your device from being stolen- even if your phone is lost.
Address Space Layout Randomization Scrambles application/system memory making it difficult for attackers to target a BlackBerry device.
Data in Transit Protection Because many employees work outside the office, mobile solutions must protect data in transit across your entire network. BlackBerry smartphones have extra protection to the Wi-Fi, VPN, Bluetooth and NFC connections.

Enhancing the device management capabilities for all device deployment scenarios.

Device & Profile Owner Activations Disable voice dictation and search in work apps, transfer of work data over NFC, Bluetooth OPP, and Wi-Fi Direct, logging on everything running in the managed profile, debugging of applications within the managed profile
Set whether mail in the managed profile may be transferred over Bluetooth
Enable, deploy and manage Wi-Fi network profiles for exclusive use by work applications, improved password and certificate management for authentication
Control media card access from the work profile, access to USB On The Go devices from the work profile
Device Owner Activation Force the media card to use adoptable storage mode, a device to enter a lock state if the max number of password attempts is exceeded
Wi-Fi: Disable Wi-Fi screen casting, disable/ re-enable computer access to the device via Wi-Fi
Bluetooth: Disable/ re-enable the BT radio, set restrictions on the BT functionalities, set a minimum BT encryption key length
SMS and MMS: Set restrictions on incoming or outgoing, set a signature on all SMS and MMS messages originating from the device
Set: timeout value for captive portal login attempts, proxy to be used for work VPN network connectivity
OS updates: restrict OS updates and specify if updates can occur over Wifi only or both Wifi and Cellular networks
Common Criteria Mode: restrictions will be placed on the device compliant with Mobile Device Fundamentals Protection Profile as written by NIAP
Profile Owner Activation Set whether personal applications may access managed Wi-Fi networks
Force the passwords of the managed and unmanaged profiles to be unique

The commitment to security is ongoing.

BlackBerry smartphones will consistently receive monthly Android security updates ensuring your device remains secure for a minimum of 24 months. Many smartphones put the organization and user’s data at risk of being hacked due to slow security updates. We are committed to making BlackBerry smartphones one of the quickest to deliver security patches. Other mobile device vendors can take weeks or months to deliver security patches, leaving your organization vulnerable and at risk.

Users have control and visibility over their privacy.

BlackBerry devices include BlackBerry security applications that empower users with privacy tools to directly manage how and where their data is used. These applications will help ensure both personal and confidential corporate data is kept private.


Hide photos and documents in your personal locker so that people looking at your phone cannot access them. Access your Locker with the Fingerprint Sensor.

Locker Mode

Take pictures in Locker Mode, using the Fingerprint Sensor, to hide your photos of weekend escapades or private selfies from people that may look at your phone. Photos taken in Locker Mode are not uploaded to the cloud.

Privacy Shade App

Privacy Shade prevents people around you from seeing your screen by blocking out everything except for a small viewable area that you control.

For example, when a user is in public and someone might be able to read their screen over their shoulder.

DTEK Privacy Monitoring App

Offers constant security monitoring and protection and lets users know when their privacy could be at risk along with how they can take action to improve it.

For example, DTEK monitors apps, alerting you if an app is accessing your camera to take a picture or video, turning your microphone on, sending a text message, or accessing your contacts or location.

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